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Rainbow Bridge

Herd tested CAE negative in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015 and 2017.  We are a TB & Brucellosis Free State.

We believe the buck is your herd.  Any buck can breed a doe, but our
bucks are "proven" through their daughters. We breed for strong
milk lines, great mammary systems and conformation.


 (AGS ARMCH Twin Creek BH Bay Watch +S/++B x Wood Bridge Farm Vegas 1*M)
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*DNA* on file

ADGA #DD1637907
Linear Appraised +VV 85

Beach Patrol

This handsome fellow has joined our herd.  His genetics will be a huge asset to our breeding program.  After all, he is a AGS ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch +S /++B son and add in the Wood Bridge and Sugar Creek lines, well who could ask for more.  We are excited to see what he can do here.  

SG Dill's CC Set Fire To The Rain +*B
 (Dill's GA Cowboy Cassanova *B x GCH/MCH Dill's FH Doo Wop 5*D/*M)
2016 ANDDA SIRE AWARD for having 3 or more daughters recipients of Sue Rucker JuJu Award
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*DNA* on file

ADGA #D1628392
AGS #D-67024


Rain, following in his ancestors' hoof prints, was given his Superior Genetics designation in 2015 as well as Elite Buck in 2015 and 2016!  If you want tons of milk behind a herd sire, then you couldn't get much better than Rain! He has proven to be an "udder" buck and his daughters can MILK

We are so proud to announce that Rain's daughters are continuing to rack up recognition. 
SG Lil' Hill Farm SFR Grace and SG Lil' Hill Farm SFR Single Digit both got their Superior Genetics designation in 2015 as coming 2 year olds.  Both Grace and Single Digit, along with Lil' Hill Farm Wait Your Turn (Owned by Connie Hammond at Ivy Hollow Farm) made the ADGA 2015 Elite Doe list and Grace was also 2016 Elite Doe

Dill's PN Great Balls of Fire *B
 (Dill's CC Panasonic *B x Dill's BH Fiesty 3*M)
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*DNA* on file

ADGA #D1698351
AGS #D-76721


  This guy is linebred on MCH PromisedLand LD Panacea *D,*M. Dill's has been working for several years to combine their Panacea line with their Kitty line and this guy is a good representative of that effort. We are thrilled that Pan is now residing at Lil' Hill Farm!  And although you can't see it in this photo, he has some lovely moonspots to give him that tiny bit of "bling" to highlight his black coat. 
We are extremely happy to see the
kids this boy has sired! 


Lil' Hill Farm GB Palazzo *B
 (Dill's PN Great Balls of Fire *B x Double Durango Jazy Java 1*M  LA EEEE91)
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*DNA* on file

ADGA #1751182

"Z Man"

"Z" was a really nice buck kid with the genetics and potential to do well.  His dam, Double Durango Jazy Java 1*M is one of my all time favorite does and LA'd EEEE 91

"Z" was sold as a baby and I really like the kids he
has sired at Ivy Hollow Farm!  Then I got the opportunity to bring him back home, so he's here and
has work to do. 

Welcome home, "Z"!


Dill's TS Bartender *B
 (Dill's D Two-Step +*B x Dill's W Intrigue
 2*M EEEE 91)
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*DNA* on file

ADGA #D1623995


  Bartender is a buck that is packed with strong milk lines in his awesome pedigree.  So much, in fact, that I knew he had a lot to contribute to my breeding program.  His dam, GCH Dill's W Intrigue 2*M LA'd EEEE 91 in 2015!  And then there's his maternal grand dam, SG Dill's KJ Misstery *D/*M, a doe I've long admired and his paternal grand dam, SGCH/MCH NCPromisedlLand Pal Macarena 5*M ... well, her record speaks for itself!  Bartender is proving himself worthy to be a member of our herd.


Lil' Hill Farm BAR Sam I Am *B
Dill's TS Bartender *B x  SG Lil' Hill Farm SFR Grace 2*M AR)
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*DNA* on file

ADGA #D1744766


  I do love this fella, and his dam, SG Lil' Hill Farm SFR Grace 2*M AR(linear appraised VVVE 89, the highest a first freshener can appraise) is one of my favorites.  Grace also received her Superior Genetics and made the ADGA 2015 and 2016 Elite Doe list as well as earning the ANDDA Sue Rucker Silver JuJu Award and selected 2015 All American Doe!  She has a beautiful mammary system.  I am looking forward to seeing what Sam does for us!

Lil' Hill Farm S Ace In The Hole *B
 (Lil' Hill Farm BAR Sam I am *B x Dill's CC Beautiful Creature 2*M)
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*DNA* on file

ADGA #1872196


  Ace will be working in the fall and I will
be anxiously awaiting his first kids.  His dam, Dill's CC Beautiful Creature
2*M, is such a sweet doe that milks like a dream and has a beautiful udder!  He simply has some of the best genetics in my herd. 

Lil' Hill Farm SFR Casanova *B
 (SG Dill's CC Set Fire To The Rain +*B x Dill's CC Beautiful Creature 2*M)
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ADGA D1927089


 Casanova caught my eye early on and has the genetics and style I want to retain in my herd.  He is Rain's heir apparent and is living up to exactly what I expected from him.

Dill's SH Dig Deeper *B
 (Dill's PL Shameless *B x Dill's RD Naughty Little Elf 5*M)
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ADGA D1955238


 Digger has so much to bring into our herd.
He is just a really nice buck kid and
will be an asset to our breeding program. 


 (Rosasharn SW Sapporo ++B x Rosasharn P Pennsylvania 3*M)
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ADGA #D1455437

MCH Brush Creek SF Talisman +B G+
 (Caesar's Villa FD Sugar Foot *S x Caesar's Villa CBS Zelda)
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Photo Courtesy of Fall Creek Farm
ADGA #D1395063
AGS #D-26684

Deceased (2004 - 2016)
NDGA #05059M

Bruce and Sandie Terry
157 County Road 230
Hillsboro, Alabama 35643
Phone: 256-974-1693


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