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Terms of Sale

Kid Purchases
We require 1/2 down as a non refundable deposit on all kids from our sales page.  Bottle raised babies need to be picked up by 4 weeks of age to help reduce our  work load. We reserve the right to modify pricing on kids once they are born, pricing them higher or lower as we deem appropriate.  We do take paypal, but we ask that you add an additional 3% to the amount because of rising fees. Thanks!

Sale Page Purchases:  Should you wish to purchase an animal listed on our sales page we require half the purchase price as a non refundable deposit unless other arrangements are agreed upon by us. This will hold the animal of your choice till you make transport arrangements within 30 days of purchase, unless otherwise agreed upon. Should we have to hold an animal for more than 30 days, full payment is expected. We will also charge a $2.00 per day boarding charge if pick-up is not made when previously arranged. All monies received are non refundable should the purchaser back out. If you back out for any reason, our deal is completed.  Bred does left with us for extended periods of time and give birth here...we retain the right to keep the kids as payment for caring for said doe and delivering and subsequently caring for kids. Should the need arise to cancel the sale on our part, we will give proper notice before doing so. You will of course get a full refund of your monies in a case such as that, or we can transfer your deposit to another animal of your choosing. Payment must be made in full before an animal leaves our farm. It is of utmost importance to us to have animals ready to go when THEY are ready. Therefore, they will only leave when we believe they're ready to do so. We have been left holding animals for months with purchasers backing out.  So, if you're interested in an animal and have a financial plan in mind...let us know. We'll see what we can do!

  Personal checks are accepted only on deposits or if the animal is paid for in full at least two weeks before pickup. 
Cash is required if animal is paid for at pickup No exceptions!   All sales are final.  We cannot guarantee the care a goat will be given once it leaves our farm and we accept no returns.

  Veterinary health certificates (optional, but required by law for interstate travel) and fees charged by the Veterinarian for the farm call and animal examination and/or tests are the responsibility of the purchaser.


We sell animals that are healthy and sound at the time of transfer.  We cannot guarantee that they will mature as you or we would expect.  We cannot guarantee their mature conformation, stature, udder attachment, show ability, quality of their offspring, etc.  There are many factors involved in the development of an animal including feeding, health care maintenance, parasite control, housing, breeding, stress, etc.  We cannot take responsibility for how a kid you purchase from us ultimately matures. 

We do not guarantee that a purchaser will like an animal they purchase from us. An animal represents a genetic package. We are not under obligation to take any animal back once it has left the property.

If a buyer wants to see an animal before purchase, that’s wonderful—s/he may come to the farm and choose the animal (these are the BEST choices). For long-distance purchases we will do our best to realistically represent the animal with photos and descriptions. All sales are final.

Adult does and bucks that are sold as "proven" means they have produced for us here at Lil' Hill Farm.  That is the extent of our guarantee as there is no way we can guarantee what they may do when they leave here.  Because we cannot guarantee the care given to the animals once they leave our farm, no refund or replacement will be offered unless a certified Veterinarian statement or Necropsy report states that the animal was unhealthy because of a genetic problem or circumstances that could only be caused before the buyer had taken possession of the animal, including infertility. 

Any illness or injury attributed to buyer care or lack thereof will not warrant return of purchase price or replacement of animal.  Any cost associated with replacement of animal, such as shipping & health certificate, will be the responsibility of buyer.

We do not guarantee the fertility of does unless hermaphroditism becomes apparent as the animal matures.  A doe sold as bred is not guaranteed to be pregnant, just that she received normal service from the buck.

We do not guarantee any animal that is sold without registration papers.

We follow the ADGA Recommended Trade Practices for Members (section XIX in the ADGA Guidebook).

Any further guarantees are neither expressed nor implied.  We have no idea what sort of care or treatment our goats receive once they leave our possession, therefore you are responsible for their health and well being.  We love our animals and hope you will, too.

Thank you for considering animals from our herd!

Lil' Hill Farm reserves the right to retain any kids born on our farm at any time.



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