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Rainbow Bridge

Pedigree of:  Lil' Hill Farm V Sweet Caroline 1*M/*D/+DAR (Blue Eyes)
2015 Linear Appraisal ++VE 87 (Permanent Score)

Date of Birth:  February 5, 2009
Color:  Broken Buckskin
Litter:  Quads (2 does, 2 bucks)

ADGA #D1532775
AGS #D-53037
NDGA #13667F

10/16/10 - Reserve Grand Champion Senior Doe, Alabama National Fair, Montgomery, AL.

We were thrilled to have been able to bring Sweet Caroline home!  Caroline was sold as
a two month old kid (one of quads).  Then a couple of years ago, a dear friend of mine, Beverly Fike at Bit 'O Hope farm,
had the opportunity to acquire her.  Beverly decided she needed to make some hard cuts to
get her herd numbers down and offered her to me.  She knew I would jump at the chance to have her back. 
Welcome home, Sweet Caroline, welcome home!

ADGA 305 Day Test
10/29/10 259 630 41 28
Date Doelings Bucklings Bred To Comments
12/19/14 1 2   Freshened at Bit O'Hope
Little Tot's Estate Valentine a/k/a Cupid Rosasharn SS Sequoia +B Rosasharns TL Summer Sol *S ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L +*S 'E' ++B +AE82 Stonewall’s Apocalypse Now
ARMCH Goodwood Water Lilly *D
ARMCH Rosasharn's Eclipse 2*D ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S
ARMCH Stonewall’s Little Luli *D
ARMCH Rosasharns UMT Sassafras 5*D ARMCH Rosasharn's Under My Thumb +*S ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb+*S'E'
ARMCH Goodwood Water Lilly 2*D
ARMCH Rosasharn's Sandalwood 4*D ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb+*S'E'
Rosasharn's Tobiko's Suprise 3*D
Little Tot's Estate Perovakia PromisedLand CP Zippo *S +B ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Cowpoke ++*S Stonewall's Midnight Cowboy ++S
Goodwood Mindy *D
Caesars Villa GD Zippy 3*D Goodwood Cimarron Giddyup +S
Goodwood Cimarron Giddyup +S
Echo Point Lady Bug Praire Wood Trace of Blue Prairie Wood Blue Genes
Prairie Wood Pizazz
Woodhaven Farms Fleur de Lis Woodhaven Farms Hakuna Matata
Woodhaven Farms Lacey's Avon
Buttin'Heads Too Contredanse Buttin'Heads Galziping Ghost *S Twin Creeks BW Zip Drive *S MCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch *S Texas Twin Creeks Brave Heart +S
 MCH Piddlin Acres Tiny Bubbles *D 'E'
Goodwood Zippy Mariri 3*D Goodwood Zeppo+S
Goodwood Swahili 2*D AR1573
ARMCH Buttin'Heads Maple Seedling 3*D Hayseed Farm's Fire Chief Hayseed Farm's Buckwheat SH
Hayseed Farm's Morning Star MM
ARMCH Buttin'Heads Camisole' 2*D Karim's Ole' +S
ARMCH Columbus Zoo Godiva *D
CH Buttin'Heads Too Deutsch Polka Buttin'Heads Polska Kielbasea *S Buttin'Heads Sea Monster *S Buttin'Heads Montwhizuma
ARMCH Columbus Zoo Chelsie *D
ARMCH Buttin'Heads Sausage Bwhizcuit 3*D Heartwood Whiz Kid +S
Buttin'Heads Whole'Wheat Toast 2*D
Buttin'Heads Too Maedchson 4*D AR1665 Creek Road Hudson *S MCH Willow Creek Instant Replay
Blue Creek Mattea
Buttin'Heads Small Frye 3*D Buttin'Heads Swhiz on Rye +*S
Buttin'Heads Mink Stole 2*D

Bruce and Sandie Terry
157 County Road 230
Hillsboro, AL 35643

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