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Rainbow Bridge

Pedigree of:  SG Lil' Hill Farm SFR Grace 2*M AR
2015 ADGA Elite Doe
2016 ADGA Elite Doe

2015 Linear Appraisal VVVE 89
ANDDA Sue Rucker Silver JuJu Award
2015 ANDDA All American Sr. Doe (1 yr. & nder 2 yr.)

Date of Birth: January 24, 2014
Height:  19-1/2"
Litter: Single Doe
AGS #D-74529
ADGA #D1669188

ADGA 305 Day Test
2015 254 770 50 20
2016 124 480 25 19

This is one of my favorite does, a first freshener that absolutely can milk!  Of course, she can ... she's a SG Dill's CC Set Fire To The Rain *B daughter.  She has had a very respectable 2015 show season, placing in the top 5 of her class in every show she's entered.  Grace was 1st in her class at the Dekalb County VFW Ag Fair in September under Judge Gregory Murphy, and won Grand Champion Senior Doe and Best of Breed, earning her first unrestricted leg in that show.  She just needs to get out of that gangly young doe stage.  Grace's first linear appraisal as a first freshener was VVVE 89, which is the highest score a first freshener can receive!  We were so proud to learn that this little doe also received her Superior Genetics designation as well as made the ADGA 2015 Elite Doe list and 2016 Elite Doe!  Grace is a very special little girl.

Tragically, we lost Grace on September 11, 2016.


DeKalb County VFW AG Fair, 9/30/2015 ADGA Dairy Goat Show under Judge Gregory Murphy
Grand Champion Sr. Doe & Best of Breed
Lookout Mountain Dairy Goat Show, Ft. Payne, AL, 5/28/16
Ring 1 - 2 year old milkers, 1st place, Reserve Grand Champion, Best Udder under Judge Nick Cindric
Ring 2 - 2 year old milkers, Grand Champion Sr. Doe, Best Udder, Best of Breed under Judge Halie Weber


Date Doelings Bucklings Bred To Comments
7/1/15 1 1 Dill's TS Bartender *B
5/11/16 2 2 Dill's TS Bartender *B

SG Dill's CC Set Fire To The Rain +*B
2015 Elite Buck

Dill's GA Cowboy Cassanova *B SG Dill's BF Genuine Article *B NC PromisedLand RC Bonafide *S Rosasharn TR Caldron *S,E
SGCH/ARMCH NC PromisedLand Beau-Nita 2*D
SGCH Dill's TG Brand New Girlfriend *M/*D Dill's LD Top Gun *S
Dill's BH Ima Keeper
GCH/MCH Dill's TG Lucille Two 3*M Dill's LD Top Gun *S ARMCH Twin Creeks LS Luck of the Draw +*S,E
PromisedLand CP Fiddle DeeDee 2*D,VG
MCH Gay-Mor's LR Kitty's Meow 2*M/2*D,E Piddlin' Acres Lies N Rumors +*S
Gay-Mor's RA Kitty *D/*M
GCH/MCH Dill's FH Doo Wop 5*D/*M  PromisedLand LD Full House *S, *B ARMCH Twin Creek LS Luck of the Draw +*S,E MCH HBF Lucky Strike +S 90 "E"
MCH/PGCH Raja Acres Twink's Pixie *D, E
Ceasar's Villa GD Zippy 3*D AR Goodwood Cimarron Giddyup +S
ARMCH Caesar's Villa Zesta 2*D VG
SG/MCH PromisedLand CP Shaboom 4*D MCH Caesar's Villa CBS Cowpoke +*S Stonewall's Midnight Cowboy +*S AR
Goodwood Mindy *D AR
PromisedLand Be-Boppa-Lula 3*D MCH Munchranch Dennis the Menace +S E,E
MCH Gay-Mor's RA Nightowl 2*D
SG Kid's Corral TS Blessing 1*M AR2014/1*D AR 2752
2016 Linear Appraisal VEEE90

PGCH/MCH/CH Little Tot's Estate Tsuga ++*B
11 x Grand Champion;
2 x Best In Show

Creek Road Envoy
2 x Grand Champion
MCH Willow Creek Instant Replay +S Willow Creek Treason
Goodwood Milkweed
MCH Twin Creeks LS Pixie Fern MCH HBF Luckey Strike +S 'E'
MCH/PGCH Raha Acres Twink's Pixie
PGCH Woodhaven Farms Cowgirl
8 x Best Udder
Woodhaven Farms Texas Twister Piddlin' Acres Flame Thrower
Woodhaven Farms Shadow
MCH/PGCH Flat Rocks Opal *D
8 x Best Udder
Flat Rocks Mighty Fine
MCH Flat Rocks Surprise *D
Kids Corral CR Thimble

2 x Reserve Grand Champion

Flat Rocks Crescendo MCH Ponders End Minstrel Show Flat Rocks 501 Blues
Mighty Fine Prissy
Flat Rocks Gazelle Flat Rocks Doc
Willows Miss Molly
MCH Doe-Sy-Doe's Patches 2*D

HES: 89.1 'VG (2004)
92 'E' 2005
GCH Doe x 3
Res. GrChDoe x 3
Best Udder in Show x 6
ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L +*S 'E' Stonewall's Apocalypse Now
ARMCH Goodwood Water Lily *D
2000 National Champion Doe and
Best Udder
Doe-Sy-doe's L'il Angel *D MCH OTR Magic's M
ARMCH Columbus Zoo

Bruce and Sandie Terry
157 County Road 230
Hillsboro, Alabama 35643

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