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Rainbow Bridge

Pedigree of:  SG AGAPE OAKS GL ELEGANCE 3*M/*D AR2743 (Polled)
2011 Linear Appraisal  +VE+ 86
2015 Linear Appraisal EVEV 90 (Permanent Score)
2016 Linear Appraisal VEEV 89
2014 ANDDA Bronze Sue Rucker JUJU Award Winner

4th Freshening

Photo courtesy of Agape Oaks

2010 - ADGA Reserve Grand Champion at Arkansas Goat Producers Assn. Show
under Judge Don Bergfield
2012 ADGA Nationals 12th place 2 yr old!

2014 - 2nd place in a very large class at Carrollton, GA, April 26, 2014 under
Judge William Pearson

Date of Birth:  September 25, 2009
Litter:  Triplets (1 buck, 2 does)
Height:  20-1/2"
ADGA #D1500004P
AGS #D-49814H
NDGA #34427F

ADGA/AGS 305 Day Test
2014 305 628 43 32
2015 206 558 33 25
2016 199 590 37 28
2017 78 240 11 10
2018 119 323 10 14

Elegance just lives up to her name!  Ellie is a powerful little doe and a daughter of the 2011 ANDDA Total Performer, SGCH/ARMCH Agape Oaks Oreo 5*D 2*M 'E'.  She has such a sweet disposition and loves to show, placing well in her classes even when dry and showing against does in milk!  Elegance just has the complete package in conformation and her daughter, Lil' Hill Farm RVW Empress, is following in her dam's hoof prints, placing 1st in her classes with a Grand Champion Jr. Doe and Best of Breed win in 2014, earning her Junior leg with ADGA.

Date Doelings Bucklings Bred To Comments
4/1/11 Triplets at Agape Oaks
4/14/12 Quadruplets at Agape Oaks
12/26/12 1 4 *B Rosasharn SP Rip Van Winkle GA *S Quintuplets!
10/16/13 3 1 *B Rosasharn SP Rip Van Winkle GA *S Quadruplets!
3/15/15 3 1 Agape Oaks CK Navajo Quadruplets!
3/31/16 2 2 *B Rosasharn SP Rip Van Winkle GA *S Quadruplets!
3/16/17 1 3 *B Lil' Hill Farm GB Palazzo Quadruplets!
3/10/18 3 2 SG Dill's CC Set Fire To The Rain +*B Quintuplets
2/19/19 1 3 Jacksons Royal Beach Patrol +B Quadruplets
3/24/20 1 3 SG Dill's CC Set Fire To The Rain +*B Quadruplets
Flat Rocks Gem's Legacy *B Flat Rocks Gem +S
Flat Rocks Mighty Fine Goodwood Kupe's Canoe ARMCH Goodwood Kenya +S
Goodwood Dorothy Gale
Goodwood Summer Noell Goodwood Napoleon
Goodwood Souvenir
MCH Flat Rocks Surprise *D Goodwood Alamo Messenger Goodwood Z Ali Babba +*S
MCH Goodwood Serif
Willows Bonehead Willows Beauregard
Willows Emma
Five Alarm Grace Flat Rocks Numbscull Flat Rocks Champion Design Flat Rocks Flash +S +E
Willows Scandal
Willows Bonehead Willows Beauregard
Willows Emma (Committee Registered)
Five Alarm High Society (Unknown) (Unknown)
(Unknown) (Unknown)
SGCH/ARMCH Agape Oaks Oreo 5*D/2*M
2012 LA 91 EEEE

2011 ANDDA Total performer


Flat Rocks Fire Cracker +B/+S
MCH Flat Rocks Fox Fire E MCH Ponders End FO Minstrel Show Flat Rocks Five O One Blues
Mighty Fine Prissy
Lost Pines Champagne Gay Mor RA KIngwood
MCH Goodwood Fox
PromisedLand CP Bedazzled 4*D +B Caesar's Villa CBS Cowpoke ++*S E Stonewall's Midnight Cowboy ++S
Goodwood Mindy *D
PromisedLand Bewitched MCH Munchranch Dennis the Menace +S E AR
MCH Gay-Mors LR Kittys Meow 2*D E AR
Irish Whisper Charm Bracelet 4*D/1*M Morning Star LK Sundown MCH Gay Mor Tut's Lion King *S 'VG' Hearts Delight Oreos King Tut
ARMCH Gay-Mor Berry's Jurassic 2*D AR 
4 Fun Satin and Lace Stonewalls Palliser +*S AR
Heartwood Hopscotch
Piddlin Acres RA Alkaseltzer 3*D Piddlin Acres Red Adair MCH Green Gate King Midas +S AR 
Goodwood Will o Whisp E
MCH Twin Creeks MB Effervesence 2*D AR Twin Creeks PD Megabuck
MCH Piddlin Acres Tiny Bubbles *D E AR

Bruce and Sandie Terry
157 County Road 230
Hillsboro, Alabama 35643

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